Through shades of rock

A pet hate of mine is wearing sunglasses indoors, perhaps because I have never owned a Designer pair or sported a black eye (the only two valid excuses). Nevertheless my grumbles aside, I love these minimalist ads by Publicis France; even if my admiration stems purely from an artistic standpoint, as the advertiser in question is a little hazy – the afterthought of a drug, rock and roll lifestyle seen through bloodshot, sleep-deprived eyes. “Rock and Folk” muttered before a Jack Daniels.

I find the silhouette of the glasses striking and intriguing, encapsulating a bit of celebrity trivia (match the eyewear to the celeb…) and understanding the mentality and vision (literal and otherwise) of some of the world’s greatest musicians. Arguably, that may be a little deep from me but the campaign successfully lends a lot to intepretation… Question number one being – which glasses belong to who?

[And this being the world of rock, not all the images make sense]


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