Mind the gap

On the second day of December, I give to you… the art of people cramming.

Reminiscient of a scene from London’s central line on a Monday morning, the work of Willi Dorner is less than festive but nevertheless as engrossing and intoxicating as mulled wine and pigs in blankets. The art blurs the lines between sculpture and event – the mass of entangled limbs and mishapen body parts looking vaguely like an artistic version of Twister, aka one outside of a living room.

Entitled “Bodies in Urban spaces“, his work explores the double connotations of “bodies” and “urban space” – firstly by focusing very much on the physicality of people (result – the rag puppet look) and secondly by utilising the less used crevices of urban space – the semi non-public realm. I think the art therefore interestingly tackles the interaction between us and our city environment, often with jarring consequences. The clash of blue lycra on pink cotton; and unnatural poses ultimately making me lean towards the comfort of my sofa or somewhere less stone-clad. Yet it is this discomfort that lends intrigue to the images; and subsequently questions the forms of the buildings and infrastructure surrounding us. The answers to “why are they here?”, “what are they doing?” being deliberately difficult to give.

Willi Dorner bodies 8Willi Dorner bodies 7Willi Dorner bodies 5Willi Dorner bodies 3Willi Dorner bodies 2Willi Dorner bodies 4Willi Dorner bodies 1Willi Dorner bodies 6


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