Real-life retouching

It is one of life’s cruel ironies that the harder you work, the worse you look – at least in my case, where the strain of handling multiple planning briefs has been to resort to jeans, wooly jumpers (a festive godsend) and the occasional mascara based panda eye. Ashamedly, any make-up flair discarded for a few extra minutes in bed. As such, I love the concept of photoshop in real life – perhaps otherwise known as make-up, but with the speed of a wand flick in Harry Potter.

Hungarian photographer Flora Borsi has come up with a hilarious small series of works that shows us how photoshop would work in real life – nose jobs, spot ‘erasure’ and instant touch-ups only a click and mouse drag away. Ultimately, it parodies the superficiality behind the airbrushed image – the crude and direct style of the photos only emphasising this further. Yet equally I can’t help thinking how such a tool would improve my Monday mornings (and that of my unfortunate colleagues!).

flora borsi photoshop 1

flora borsi photoshop 2

flora borsi photoshop 3

flora borsi photoshop 4

flora borsi photoshop 5


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