Beautiful and Bald

One of my favourite things about New Year is reminiscing and remembering the year that has passed. Fairly often this results in some drastic plans for the year to follow (met by some soon-to-be-broken resolutions), but more so is the sense of delight and ooh-ing and aww-ing around the year’s highlights. As such, I cannot get enough of any article, website or magazine devoted to this annual summarising; and today’s took the form of Cool Hunting’s Top Picks of 2012. The story of the day? That of a bald Barbie.


Created by cancer survivor Jane Bingham, “Beautiful and Bald Barbie” eschews blonde locks in favor of a hairless scalp to remind cancer stricken women and children that beauty and self-worth are “not dependent upon their hair” – even hair as eternally glossy as Miss B. Arguably the doll also normalises and brightens the sadness that accompanies hair loss, Barbie leading when it comes the make-up sans wig look. I like how a traditional icon of beauty in the toy industry is used to reduce stigma, and become empowering – not merely a toy but a part of a wider ploy to change public perceptions.

Mattel plans to produce the Barbie, and donate them to hospitals and cancer wards around the U.S. While, another toymaker, MGA Entertainment, says it plans to debut bald versions of Bratz and Moxie Girlz too… might just be the one doll that I intend to buy in 2013.



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