A clean sheet

It is hard starting a post when you already feel like you have failed – another resolution to bite the dust after a resolute pledge to blog weekly (apologies) entering 2013. Additionally there is the lack of material – how best to kick off the literary year, without resorting to crowded museums or topics speculative of any new, smug January vision? Although after the non-event of the Mayan prophecies, you’d think that everyone would be glad to be alive – myself included, on a bleak January morning. As such, I thought that I would begin with a mix of the inspiring and the novel by taking the metaphor of the clean sheet/slate/start literally head-on. This accomplishment starts with advertising, in a clip for Philips in Russia.

Adverts about ironing are often lost on me; or rather I either feel grubby (a result of clothes rarely facing said iron) or defensive (the image of the female conqueror of creases… a world apart from my own). Nevertheless, such a state of indifference is often a result of the advert itself – typically a dry narration of features, cord extensions and crisp white shirts. In other words, an ad with the emotional appeal and imagination of the exercise in question. As such, I was all over an “cool, arty and interesting ironing advert” like the first day of wearing a new coat; and intrigued by what the “art of ironing” might entail – functional and arty often viewed as (my favourite phrase…) non mutually-exclusive. And yet, the iron and its handler had skills (as well as a passion for medieval tunes) and I could barely refrain from clapping my hands as the sheet transformed into various famous faces – pictionary on heat as well as cotton.

Ultimately, I like how the advert makes you think twice about an item so, ahem… traditionally dull; or even bother to watch the video at all (over 1 million views on Youtube suggests otherwise). Yet, whether it gets me ironing is a slightly different story. Watching it, I feel thrilled, inspired but also intimidated – many more sheets to scorch…




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