From Bone to Wool

From bone to wool, and x-ray to knitting… Lies the spectrum of Matthew Cox‘s artwork. The artist, armed with needle and thread, embroiders the cold, shiny images of our entrails – maroon stitches extending from a ghostly clavicle, fingers fattened and enlivened with wool, or a grinning face amongst some neurological matter. The result raises a question mark over how we perceive our bodies, as an article on Hifructose notes –

The artist embroiders plastic medical x-ray and MRI paper as if he is challenging himself to imagine the owners of the scanned body parts and their personalities. The unusual juxtaposition stirs up a mix of associations — the nostalgia of embroidery and domestic crafts, the visceral aversion to another’s insides.

I subsequently love the contrast between the two mediums, and how diffusing the two creates such a startling outcome – the use of each only heightening the effect of the other. I once kept some scans I had done, but have long since left them gathering dust in a cupboard, largely for fear of being considered morbid/odd for having them on show. Cox’s work decries this notion by not only inverting the bodily concepts of privacy and intimacy, but also by celebrating the body as a sense of being – colourful, sensory and a lot of hard work; and that is only the sewing.

matthew cox 1

matthew cox 5

matthew cox 3

matthew cox 2

matthew cox 4


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