Time-out, me-time and adapting to time back in

Time off blogging is a little like giving up chocolate (or so I am told!), in that you are never sure if it is going to taste as good as you remember. Nevertheless, I will tackle this return to writing with a Cadbury’s creme egg at my side.

Firstly, apologies. Two weeks in Mexico equated to further weeks planning and recovering, with my laptop faring even less well – turn on now equalling turn off. However, photos of sombreros, sunshine and skulls will eventually surface and I promise to cross the ‘smug traveller’ line with sensitivity – my tan is certainly destined to not last the distance.

I suppose today’s subject (and I am struggling over a title here) is the antonym to “time-out”, that slow phase when you adapt again to regular routine, that point when your colleagues catch you day-dreaming at your desk. It is times like these when I am admittedly at my most anti-social – in part due to jetlag, but also because my 9 to 5 British reality seems at its most monotonous. Following time-out, I crave for me-time – the joy of the four day weekend where you can wake up on Sunday and realise that you have another lie-in ahead, where time back in the office can be delayed. I don’t dislike my job, but I loathe the days of “returning to reality” (a conversation stopper if there ever was one), where holidays represent an exotic cocktail (a Tequila Sunrise sipped on Playa del Carmen) to the tap-water of daily life. Confessions of a holidayholic, and this is perhaps part of my rehab.

A piece of art that I can never fully wipe from my memory, and nor would I want to, is the video of David Beckham sleeping by the artist Sam Taylor Wood. I find it disturbingly personal and also intriguing to see a man famous for his family and his football, recorded at such an intensely private moment. I feel a bewildering sense of intrusion and pleasure at capturing Goldenballs unaware – and yet, unlike me, he seems to be taking DB-time, time-out and time in the public eye all at once. How he manages to sleep in front of camera I will never know, but I like to think that he is dreaming of his holidays… sweet dreams.

David Beckham sleeping


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