Streets of Colour

The architectural ‘cloud with a silver lining’ is my current London street – the positive being the houses awash with colour, the negative that our’s is not one of them. The latter being a fact that I have to explain and part justify to visitors every time. Nevertheless, I get the favourable benefit of waking up to this rainbow-terraced vision, and spotting the latest colour clash to hit the street.

The town of Campeche in Mexico is a paintbox extension of this, with every street of the old town coloured a vivid shade set to a sky of vitamin D blue. I loved the richness of the hues, and how they represented individuality and contrast to otherwise low-rise, simple facades and homes. We were told that the government funds the buildings’ upkeep, with the only premise being that residents can not choose a shade matching that of their neighbour. With this in mind, which colour would you pick?








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