The curiously divisive

Labour isn’t working and, as it turns out, the coalition isn’t really either (a quarter century later). However, politics over (admittedly no strong point), what this post really conveys is my love of puns – that and some Saatchi & Saatchi creative that led to the election of a female politician as curiously divisive as this famous copy.


The campaign poster essentially breakdowns to mean three multiple things (a feat in 3 words) – more meanings materialising the longer you look… The queue of the weary jobless snaking like a fluctuating inflation graph, the finality and closure behind one full stop and, perhaps most relevantly, the black/white positioning of the whole affair – Labour isn’t just slightly failing but not working at all.

Even of a gloomy Wednesday evening, the advert excites me, but more intriguingly gets me thinking about the lady behind the Conversatives at this period – Maggie Thatcher herself. The stark duality presented by the two parties strikes me as relevant in the days following her death as in the pre-election phase – the mixed opinions flying on the tweetosphere as hyperbolic and opinionated as the capitalised headline, and MT, the brand, enduring, emotive and continuing to drive loyalty or antagonism among the masses.

In advertising we are often told that it is better to create a reaction than be met with indifference, or create any memory rather than be not remembered at all… In which case does this make Maggie Thatcher the ultimate “Apple vs. Microsoft” of our times? Or Mad Men’s Don Draper in a blue two-piece suit?


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