A Fashion Story in Ningbo

Fashion always scores curiously highly among my “most popular posts” – curiously, because it is not a subject that I focus on frequently. Nevertheless, given the increasing intersection of all things art, digital, commercial and otherwise; as well as my random discordant ramblings, perhaps the link to fashion is not such a surprising one. Thus happily surrendering to popular opinion with a focus on fashion, I found myself distractedly browsing the clothes-horse echelons of the beautiful but unaffordable, on a Sunday evening. The ultimate benefit of wardrobe-wishing online, it has to be said, is the complete absence of snooty or overtly friendly shop assistants; as well as the capability to quickly close or browse over any offensive items (Hating‘s latest example a case in point).

My search culminated in Ningbo, or more precisely with my mouse hovering over some stunning editorial shots for LIFE magazine, showcased on the site Behance. The highlights of these featured below (and credits where they are due – designer, photographer Matthieu Belin, model, the list continues..).

Ultimately, the images highlight what I most love about fashion – its ability to stand out, juxtapose and build off its environment; and complement, flatter and surprise the wearer all at once. While I admire the photographic skill behind these images, it is the story played out in front of the camera that I fall lustful fashion victim to. To me, the clothes are part of a tale of entrapment, suspense and quiet confidence – meaning that I buy into as well as, somewhat selfishly, enjoy to blog about.

Let me know your thoughts; and if my Ningbo crush is too intense.

Fashion Ningbo 1

Fashion Ningbo 2

Fashion Ningbo 3

Fashion Ningbo 4

Fashion Ningbo 5


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