A practical poster

It is bemusing what a day on the London Underground can do to you, as I feel like I have spent most of my Thursday mole-like, victim to the shudders and humidity of the Hammersmith and City line. It is therefore logical that my evening has so far been devoted to a tick-achieve list of ‘necessities’ – eat, finish forms, catch up on last night’s apprentice, and now, blog. In this rational, enthusiasm-depraved state of mind, I subsequently find myself drawn to life’s practicalities – a media-come-advertising execution (let the idea ownership battle commence) that had me wishing I had experienced, as well as seen it.

The concept is what I would immaturely call a “smartypants” one – billboards with three dimensional purpose; a stripy roof raised, the edges protruding to form a bench, the poster transforming into a bike ramp. I love how the “ads with a purpose” blur the lines between adverts and street furniture, and how a medium traditionally part of the city backdrop becomes something of a feature. Plus, IQ points aside, the campaign by Ogilvy France, shows a fundamental grasp of the client, IBM’s, objectives. In other words, a marketing to-do-list with one less thing to worry about… job well done.

Smart billboard IBM 1

Smart billboard IBM 2

Smart billboard IBM 3


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