Self-evaluation for Dummies

In a recent article covering the the trial of some young men charged with attempts at terrorism, I remembered one key fact – the “Islam for Dummies” guide found among the possessions of one of the accused. I found it startlingly that one man could commit to a cause so extremely, but with such limited understanding and lack of positive intent.


I raise this now – one caffeinated drink too many, and perhaps one post too ambitious; as I am forced to evaluate my own goals in the form of an end of probation review next week. Admittedly I dread it. However, unlike the terrorist, my fear does not stem from facing my charges (that Freudian slip, the forgotten report or speedy exit on a Friday) but because I don’t really know my own defence. A new job is all about learning, but in the process I still need to appreciate the basics – what I like, the bits I do best and the future how’s and why’s… In other words, the Dummies guide to Self-Evaluation. This is the beginnings of my first draft –

1) Try and have coffee before arriving to avoid excessive tiredness or mood swings.
2) Avoid being cynical or sarcastic – this form of humour/personality trait only works on those who properly know you.
3) Being completely honest does not work either – avoid #TMI
4) I will never complete Advanced Excel, therefore delegate to relevant team members accordingly.
5) Have a specialisation – even if this is one IT tool, which looks like it is older than you.
6) Music helps.
7) If in doubt do a tea round.
8) Spending hours formatting a Power Point is usually not worth it.
9) Ditto the above for Google Images – even if that family photo illustrates the target audience perfectly.
10) Talking about holidays is the best way to annoy your team – therefore use wisely.


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