An Urban Hero

I love Sunday evenings – a time to wind down before the new week starts, and also catch up on the week before. A pause period, reclining half-horizontal with toast and tea.

I often find my favourite things at this time – channelling that Ebay spike in activity, delayed Instagram charge and creation of a new ‘to do’ list. However, in this slightly vacuous state, I also forget things – burnt crumpets, over-run baths, paying that bill.

Today’s post topic, the French street artist oakoak, deserves remembering and hopefully an endearing welcome to this blog. It is difficult not to enjoy his work, which essentially imposes a humorous and enchanting twist on the urban vernacular. However, it is harder to explain why he does it – his quest to “make the city less grey” sounding more like something from a story book – a visionary Robin Hood if you like. In other words, oakoak is perfect Sunday viewing – captivating the damsel in distress, dreading Monday morning.





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