Las Vegas signs off

It has been such a long time since I last posted that I ought to start with an apology – sorry perhaps leading in my most over-utilised vocabulary, alongside the weather and food (a sure sign of my English upbringing). I love how “sorry” and other words like “maybe”, “ok” or “really” can cover a plethora of meanings and emotions depending on the tone of voice or intonation… that sarcastic “ok” or using “sorry” as a odd form of greeting while outmanoeuvring elbows on the tube.

Subsequently this post celebrates these sign post words and that refreshingly short form communication where one word really can say it all. There is no place where this is more physically evident than in Las Vegas’ Neon Museum.

Put simply, the Neon Museum is one of the best ‘museums’ that I have ever been to. Although, to call it a museum is something of a misnomer, as the museum strikes to reinvent and reclaim these signs of Las Vegas colourful past, as much as savour and protect its heritage. Our informative and passionate tour guide told us the tales behind each battered piece of metal and tarnished light bulb, although even without the back-story, my finger seemed stuck to my camera’s shutter, as each sign symbolised Las Vegas even in a one letter, pattern or even duck form.

It marks an easy first attempt to return to blogging, as luckily for me, the pictures tell it all… a simple and effective means of communication, but which also has a lot to tell you about the perpetrator – the glorious Las Vegas itself.DSC_6715DSC_6709DSC_6724DSC_6732DSC_6745DSC_6746DSC_6769DSC_6781DSC_6758


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