Author revealed

Where exactly do you start when asked write “about me”… It is funny how difficult this becomes to answer, particularly without reverting to needless online chatter or a worrying lack of information.

So I think my best answer concerns why I have started this blog. I began this blog mainly as a way to get me thinking about adverts-

– Why they work or don’t.
– What I like about them (or perhaps more strongly why I love/hate them).
– Who they target and how.

As a recent graduate looking to get into the ever-competitive and increasingly mysterious world of advertising, this seemed a good starting point- an online ‘portfolio’ of my opinions, interests and, in time, my own ideas. I hope to become an account planner, so an online (and organised) collection of data I (and others) could refer to, and be inspired by, seemed highly useful. As I used to scribble notes down in an old children’s exercise book, the concept of smart online blog was much more enticing. Moreover, as a twentysomething of the social media generation, succcumbing to another blogging site/addiction was somehow obligatory… Hence the continuous blogging of other interests and topics on my part, which I just had to let you all know.

So I hope you enjoy aDpraisal, and please leave any feedback you like as I am yet stir any online controversy, as Oscar Wilde wisely said-
“I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself”.

Fond regards,



I hate deleting things so, a few too many months later, here is the latest on yours truly –

1) I am the naive graduate no more, being now employed (my parents called it a “relief”) and de-geographied as my memories of my course grow faint. However, I continue to long for the Highlands and persist on wearing way too many layers in the warmer climes of Southern England.

2) ‘aDpraisal’ is now Marzipan and Marmite – despite gushing and fantasising about too many things, I like the concept of this blog creating debate, being divisionary… in other words, me expressing my opinion. You will either “love it or hate it”, although hopefully it is the former.

3) If I could offer any advice it would be to persist. Gloria Gaynor was spot on in “I will survive”, although Stereophonics’ “Have a nice day” also works for me.

4) Enjoy the flight – I will do my best to provide excellent and frequent content, and to steer clear of any foreseeable turbulence.


9 responses to “Author revealed

    • Thank you so much! I like your blog too – love your style of writing, and a way more informed opinion than my crazy rants!

  1. Fantastic blog, and a pleasure to read! It’s nice to see we have a similar outlook on life, the internet, and of course, advertising.

    Unfortunately for me, you do words and that much better than what I do and is writing… or something.

    • Thank you! But your writing is much better than ‘something’, I generally ramble on too much anyway.

      AND I always find myself nodding in agreement to your posts – definitely a case of great minds think alike!!

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