They say that it is sometimes better to create animosity than indifference, which is good as there are a lot of things that make me grumpy to annoyed on a scale of anger. My mum also says that there is no such word as ‘hate’, so here are just a few things* that I really, really dislike…

* A new one added each time I blog.

1) Buggies on Oxford Street – with all the crowds, I have to ask why?

2) The fact that one of my favourite crime dramas Silent Witness has gone to Hollywood guts and gore on me. The recent episodes have been veering on the nonsensical and the too violent – a record 493 people voicing their complaints.

3) Umbrellas – not made in Britain, not made for Britain. Completely useless when the North wind blows and hazardous in crowds.

4) How Daniel Ariely’s book “Predictably Irrational” has made me realise how irrational I, and in likelihood WE, really are; and how easily I get turned on by a four letter word… free.

5) The first brand to get my rage on my list of hate – Carphone Warehouse. Ultimately making the shortlist for their permanently broken scanner, “don’t get annoyed at me”/”it is not my fault” style customer service and selling me my nemesis phone. Turns out that I am not alone – www.ihatecarphonewarehouse.zoomshare.com

6) Roast chicken without gravy. It just is not the same.

7) Unrealistic body proportions. If Barbie was a person her waist would be the size of her head and her boobs would extend further than her bum. For reference, something like this –

8) The abuse of the word “strategy”. My job and future expertise has been demonised and degraded thanks to this year’s wannabe Apprentices.

9) The BBC’s inane coverage of the Jubilee. Helping viewers to identify tug-boats does not quite cut it; and the repeated usage of “iconic” does not maketh a decent commentary – as the Queen might say “we are not amused”.

10) The British ‘summer’ – not only a misnomer but the cause of mass disappointment for all weather optomists, who imagine that this summer will be “the one” (i.e. hot).

11) The potential ‘tween invasion’ of Facebook. Not only will this be hard for Zuckerberg and co. to police in order to guarantee child safety, but it will also make the network look a lot less cool and attractive for the rest of us (and I speak on behalf of the blogosphere..). Kids stick to Neopets.

12) The prospect of a Facebook ‘want button’… when liking is not enough. The site are currently testing the button around products giving advertisers an opportunity to accurately gauge consumer interest to this linked action.

13) Olympic Withdrawal. I know that this feeling won’t last but right now I keep finding myself with a lot of free time topped with a bodily attack of self-loathing. Today I found myself investigating kick-boxing classes… This forum has captured my symptons brilliantly.

South Korean Fencer at the Olympics London 2012

I know how she feels…

14) Bad maps. Actually worse than not having a map at all, a confusing or inaccurate map results in a misplaced sense of confidence and general bemusement (e.g. try finding floor 6 at the V&A). On the plus side, and to avoid all potential cartographic failure, visit this excellent map-concerned blog/rant.

15) The new Skoda advert – attempting to showcase dad’s skills alongside the new Rapid, but inadvertently failing at both. Words defy me when it comes to describing this advert, while at the same time I am desperate for my dad witness it and learn.

16) Embarrassing your pet. I hope that I am not the only one who remains grim-faced and tetchy about these duck-bill dog muzzles. They sadly signify design without a purpose, and without a thought to our furry friends.

quack dog muzzle

17) When Fashion goes pants-side – quite literally with these barely there asymmetrical horrors. Created by online clothing manufacturer Inderwear and titled ‘String Latéral Flash Bleu Alter’, this non-traditional men’s undergarment is described as a “sexy string that encloses on side of the waist”. Woe betide/sacre bleu any man that I come across wearing this…

Inderwear pant

18) Metal scooters. Forgive me if I am being a killjoy, but as this enters my room 101, I can barely hide my glee and relief. My ankles live another day and I don’t have to doubt the sanity of any adult I see riding one.

19) People who get on the tube without waiting for others to get off… You heard the loud speaker – “please let others off before boarding”. Not tricky, and unbelievably irritating every single time.


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